Hi, I’m Kate.

I tell stories – my own, strangers’, and the ones I make up in my head. I’m interested in sharing real human experiences through storytelling, whether that’s with a news article, a blog post, or a piece of fiction.

I’ve been telling stories my whole life – verbally, on paper, online, and through photos and videos. I enjoy capturing a feeling and sharing it through multiple mediums.

I’m a journalist and freelance writer and have written for a variety of publications, including Teen Vogue, SELFGirlboss, and USA Today. I’ve written for multiple New England-based newspapers, have spent time in London as a travel writer, and have been published in a creative nonfiction journal. In 2017, I received two awards from the Maine Press Association – first place for a news health story and second place for a news analysis story.

I’ve photographed Red Sox player David Ortiz and have created videos of festivals and sporting events. I’ve created websites for businesses, and have created graphic designs and social media posts for nonprofit organizations.

I’m working on my first novel. Please ask me about it. It motivates me.

I’m a New Hampshire native living in Portland, Maine.

Aside from writing, my interests include reading books and magazines, trying new coffee shops, and obsessing over Taylor Swift.

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