About KateGardnerWriting.com

This blog started as my online portfolio so I could showcase the articles, videos, and photos I’ve done through my work in journalism. The portfolio still exists within the site, but KateGardnerWriting.com is now a blog which focuses on writing and books. This mostly revolves around my experience of trying to write a novel. I will share my thoughts on writing and offer advice when I can. Being an avid reader, I will also talk about books from time to time.

Through this site I hope to inspire other people, writers or not, to pick up their pen, pull out their laptop, and start writing. Writing is what I know and what I love, and I want to share that with others.

About Kate

I’m Kate, a 23-year-old writer living in Maine. I work as a newspaper reporter, and when not in the newsroom, out interviewing sources, or at late night meetings, I can be found reading books, eating pasta, watching Gilmore Girls, or listening to Taylor Swift. When not doing any of those things, I can be found writing.IMG_6575 (1)

While my degree is in journalism, my passion is creative writing, particularly fiction. I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school and was probably in seventh or eighth grade when I got the notion that I could write a novel. Ten years and zero books later, I am in the middle of a novel I’ve been working on for about three years. It’s been slow going as my inspiration to write comes in bursts, but lately I’ve been feeling more and more motivated.

Other things to know about me: I’m from New Hampshire, my heart is in London, I care deeply about women’s rights and gender equality, and I love nothing more than a good pun.

Second blog:

Hi, I’m Kate! I’m 24 years old and like most recent graduates (can I still call myself that?), I spend most of my time trying to figure out what to do with my life. I work as a reporter at a weekly newspaper where I write about small towns and the (somewhat) interesting people who inhabit them.

I spend my time reading, eating pasta, and overestimating how funny I am. I like to volunteer, and am a member of the Junior League of Portland, Maine. 

Over the past year, I’ve been learning a lot about feminism and the fact that it’s not a scary word. I’ve become really passionate about women’s rights, gender equality, and sexual assault prevention. 

I’ve started many blogs. None of them have really panned out. My mind is constantly trying to think of new blog ideas, but I always struggle to come up with a good theme. So, I’ve decided to see what would happen if I went with no theme.

This blog will be about everything and anything that I want it to be. Some posts may appeal to wide audiences while others may be about what I had for dinner (spoiler alert: it’s pasta, it’s always pasta). Really though, the posts will generally have to do with the things mentioned in the “about Kate” section. I’ll write about my opinions on social issues, current events, pop culture, and whatever else I want. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Suzi Gardner says:

    So very proud of you

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