How Rory can redeem herself

With less than a month (!!!) until the Gilmore Girls revival comes out, Netflix has released the official trailer for the highly anticipated return of my all-time favorite show. Here it is in all it’s fast-talking, highly caffeinated glory:

The first time I watched it, I was at work and had to suck in all my tears so I could maintain some semblance of professionalism. When I got home, though, I was free to cry as hard as I wanted. And I did. Just ask my boyfriend. He has the mascara-stained shirt to prove it. 

I have many, many thoughts about the trailer. Spoiler alert: they’re all good.

My biggest takeaway from the trailer is Rory’s storyline. I think, and hope, the revival will show us a new side to Rory. A less-perfect, more realistic young woman.

When I was younger, I always related to Rory. Quiet. Bookish. Ambitious. But, somewhere along the way I felt distanced from her. I realized a lot of what she has in life has been handed to her and that she doesn’t always appreciate her opportunities. My faith in her was restored towards the end of the series when she picked herself back up, finished school, and decided to leave home for a job.

As a journalist myself, I always wondered how Rory’s career was going. The series ended with her about to follow Obama on the campaign trail as she wrote for an online magazine.

In the revival trailer, Rory is jobless. And underwearless apparently. But, for the first time since I was a teenager, Rory is relatable again. (Side note: I am not underwearless. Just in case anyone [re: Mom] was worried.)

“I’m feeling very lost these days,” Rory says.

Being two years out of college, I understand the feeling. Fortunately, I have a job, but I’m constantly plagued by fears of not making it as a writer and not amounting to anything. I wonder if I’ll ever be published in a national publication or if I’ll write a novel. And then these fears make me wonder if I’m making a mistake by pursuing life as a writer. I’ve wondered if I should work in a different field.

In the trailer, Lorelai explains to Emily that Rory is “Jack Kerouac. She’s On the Road-ing it” as scenes of London and New York City are shown. Emily, concerned, says Rory is leading a “vagabond existence.” My guess is that Rory is trying to make it as a freelance writer or she’s traveling in search of her purpose.

“This is my time to be rootless,” she says.

I’m very excited to see Rory’s storyline play out in the revival. As a teenager, I looked to her for guidance. As a twenty-something post-grad who has no idea what she’s doing, I need her again.

In the original series, Rory was a flawed character, but not intentionally so. I think in the revival she will have more flaws, but ones that will make her endearing and relatable. In my opinion, this will redeem Rory and make her a more well-rounded, complex, and realistic character.

Other thoughts I have about the trailer:

  1. What in God’s name is Emily wearing?? Never have we ever seen her dressed in anything that doesn’t pass DAR standards. At least she’s still wearing her pearls.
  2. For real though, I know she’s mourning. I could barely handle the short scene it showed of Richard’s funeral. I lost it when I saw the photo of Emily and Richard dancing at their vows renewal in the background.
  3. I’m so glad they addressed the size of the portrait of Richard! It’s comically huge. You could see it in the background of the recent featurette video (also a tearjerker) and I was pretty concerned.
  4. Jess!!! The only real interaction Rory had with an ex in the trailer was with Jess. This has to mean something, right? Right?!?
  5. Luke and Lorelai are still together! Where’s the ring, though? I keep looking at Lorelai’s hand. But…. maybe there won’t be a ring. Is Lorelai happy?
  6. Related: is Lorelai ok? She seems to be having some sort of mid-life crisis. And who is that woman she’s talking to?
  7. What is Kirk doing at Friday night dinner…
  8. Taylor is old.

Mentally, I am prepared for this revival. Emotionally, not so much. I have already requested the day off work so I can stay home and binge-watch it. This is not a joke. I’m also considering taping cotton balls under my eyes while I watch it so I won’t need to keep reaching for tissues.

Any other suggestions for how to deal with the emotional whirlwind that will be the Gilmore Girls revival would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.


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