The Danger of a Singular Identity

Originally posted on Post Grad Purpose I am a writer. This is my identity and has been for most of my life. About a week ago, though, I began to question this. While I am undoubtedly a writer – I’m a journalist, I write fiction, and I’m always thinking of new stories – is this really myContinue reading “The Danger of a Singular Identity”

{Best & Worst} of Post Grad Life

Originally published on Post Grad Purpose Like all things, post grad life has pros and cons. When it’s good, everything’s fine. You paid your rent on time, your boss praised you in front of your coworkers, and you nailed your meal prep Sunday night. You’ve got this adulting thing figured out. When it’s bad, though,Continue reading “{Best & Worst} of Post Grad Life”

Purpose vs. Paycheck: How to Strike a Balance

Originally published on Post Grad Purpose Ever since I was little I always said I would never take a job just for the money. Case in point, I am now a newspaper reporter (and broke af). My dad would always tell me I should be a doctor or a lawyer, but those fields never appealedContinue reading “Purpose vs. Paycheck: How to Strike a Balance”

Gilmore Girls: A Year of Finding Oneself

If you have yet to watch the Gilmore Girls revival, first of all, what are you doing?? And second, don’t read ahead if you don’t want any SPOILERS. Ok, now that that’s out of the way… I loved the revival! I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan (see post from February if you need more proof),Continue reading “Gilmore Girls: A Year of Finding Oneself”

How Rory can redeem herself

With less than a month (!!!) until the Gilmore Girls revival comes out, Netflix has released the official trailer for the highly anticipated return of my all-time favorite show. Here it is in all it’s fast-talking, highly caffeinated glory:

Summer reads

I think there’s a pretty strong general consensus that this summer went by waaaaaaaaaayy too fast. It’s already September, and with Labor Day weekend behind us, fall is officially here. With that being the case, I thought I’d share what I read this summer, especially since I haven’t posted since May. Oops. I always romanticize summerContinue reading “Summer reads”

Reporting on the story no one wants to have

Last week I had a story published in The Forecaster called “‘Yes means yes’: Changing the way Maine looks at sexual violence.” I wrote the story in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which happens every April, and it ran in every edition of the paper. Although this awareness month happens every year, I found thatContinue reading “Reporting on the story no one wants to have”

Creating the future Leslie Knopes of the world

So here’s a fun game: Spot Kate among the 8th graders! Last week I volunteered as a mentor for Girls’ Day at the State House with the Maine Women’s Policy Center. It was an amazing day, but as you can probably see from the picture of my group, I was often mistaken for one ofContinue reading “Creating the future Leslie Knopes of the world”